7 Biggest Headaches in IT and how to Solve Them

The variables in the IT landscape grow every day and while it’s great to have a plan for what this will look like in 5 years, we need a plan for today. At the Texas Technology Summit, VXSuite presented the 7 Biggest Headaches in IT and how to solve them.   Biggest Headaches in IT

  • BYOD – What are the pitfalls? Is more bandwidth the only answer?
  • Transition from TDM to VoIP
  • 911 or threatening call alert searches
  • Who’s to blame for bad call quality? Carrier, IT, Telecom?
  • Delivering the right information to managers to make critical business decisions
  • Can IT be a strategic asset rather than just a cost center?
  • Does IT have a seat at the executive table to drive the mission of our company or am I just fighting fires?

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