Adventures in Marketing: The Video Fail Version

My Monday started out like many Mondays. My boss asked me to provide him with some marketing numbers for our monthly “State of the Company” conference call. I sent him the Google Analytics screenshots he needed and we had a fantastic call. While I was on the call there was a Skype message…

[9/8/14, 9:19:07 AM] Laura Petrolino: I have an assignment for you (because I figure you were just sitting around painting your nails or something, so I might as well keep you busy 😉 ).

Does she know I sometimes paint my nails on conference calls? What else does she know about our conference calls? Should I be checking for a hidden camera?

[9/8/14, 9:20:03 AM] Laura Petrolino: We are trying to put together some video testimonials for our new website, and because you have a bit more experience with doing videos than the average client we’d like you to be our guinea pig (being awesome is a blessing and a curse).

Well, I do love these guys and would love to increase my celebrity status, so I figured why not. Then she added:

[9/8/14, 9:22:55 AM] Laura Petrolino: So all I need is for you to video yourself answering the following questions. If you could find a grey or white background that would be best and have/pretend someone else is there with you beside the camera, so you aren’t looking directly at the camera, but at them, as if they are interviewing you.

And then there was an emoticon-laced plea at the end…

[9/8/14, 9:23:31 AM] Laura Petrolino: Please, please, please pretty please (and thank you in advance) (party)

The Search is On

So I finished my conference call and decided to go hunt for a place to film this. I work from home, so there aren’t any two-legged co-workers to ask to help. When it comes to other humans, I am on my own.

I find a wall that is as close to plain as I can find. My office is red, the bedrooms are blue and sand (literally the paint has sand in it) so I head to the tan kitchen.

Video Fail

While MOM upside down spells WOW – sideways it is just distracting.

It’s tan, but it’s DARK. So I grab the Halloween light that we use on the front patio to light the skeleton from below (trust me – it’s creepy) and point that at me from across the room. I sit in the chair and hit record.

In keeping with the Halloween light, I check the recording and discover I have no head – just a solid blue shirt staring back at me. That won’t do. So, I build a tower from some items nearby to balance by iPhone on. At least you can see my head now! But it’s still way too dark, so I decide to try my luck outside.

After hunting around I realize the brick fireplace might make an ok background, so I built another tower for the iPhone to elevate it so it could record my face. This worked much better, but I kept messing up: The charm on my necklace ended up crooked, or the dog would be jumping in the house in the background.

And then it started raining. Not that I am complaining because California is in a major drought, but the raindrops hitting the bubble-wrap pool cover made it too noisy to record. I decided to pack it in and try later.

I finally made it through what I think is a pretty good testimonial about how much I LOVE Arment Dietrich and how they are instrumental in the success we are having with our web site and social media.

But I had to pause and laugh at all the outtakes, so I thought I’d share them with you, in this video. Everyone loves the outtakes, right?

Have you tried to make a video of yourself? What did you think? How many outtakes did you have? Did you achieve success without Video fail?



Amy Bailey (103 Blog Posts)

Amy Bailey is the VP of Marketing at VXSuite has been with the product line for over eight years. Over the years she has filled may roles including Sales Manager and Project Manager. She is a graduate of San Diego State University with BA's in Speech Communication and Liberal Arts. Amy was Associated Students' President while at SDSU and has several years of sales and management experience in the high-end retail clothing industry. She enjoys knitting, country music and spending time with family.


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