The Revolution of Mobility – part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 which can be found here. At this moment, the evolutionary convergence of cell phone, pager and pocket PC had reached fruition and the smartphone stepped onto the empty plane of possibilities. Customers now carried with them, at all times, a portable mini-pc with twenty-four hour network connectivity. The advent of the app made it possible to deliver products and services directly to the user, wherever they were and whenever they wanted. Information from the world-wide web, coupled with social media, which forever altered the way we communicate, was made all the more potent
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The Revolution of Mobility – Part 2

Over time the beeper I carried grew in size and functionality, but I still could not use it to make a call. For that I had a cell phone, and for organizational data I maintained a palm pilot. Overall, I had three devices serving three entirely different functions that made my belt something Batman would have been impressed with, but overall, communication at the workplace leaned on the same two work horses, email and the desk phone. Yet, something was shifting and shifting seismically. There was a steady convergence of technologies… the pager, cell phone and pocket PC were all
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Revolution of Mobility – part I

The warmth is sweltering and embracing.  It is the summer of 1996 on Wall Street in New York City and I just departed the cool comfort of the office to wade in the sauna of a City summer decked out in the standard garb of the stock broking district, a suit and tie.  Its lunch time and my colleagues and I merge seamlessly in the crowd of suits.  A unified mass of discomfort lunging forward in wave upon wave of humanity with but one singular purpose, sustenance. In a New York minute we are planted at a table, food at
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