Five Steps to a Successful Telecom Broker Business

Being an entrepreneur, business owner, telecom broker, speaker, and author, I’ve had plenty of chances to make mistakes—some large, some small. Over time, I’ve learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. The funny thing is, however, that the recipe for success, or at least the strategy behind it, changes. What I did in 2002 wouldn’t necessarily work today, and vice versa. Interesting point, right? Well, this got me thinking: What would I do if I could be a telecom broker and start a cloud brokerage agency, today, knowing what I know now? After much thought (and recent experiences with
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Is Telecom Your Old Man Justice?

In the 2011 hit movie, Moneyball, the general manager of the Oakland A’s decides he needs to take a different approach to building a competitive major league baseball team. Unlike many of their peers, the Oakland A’s were not able to offer massive salaries to attract and retain top talent. Of course the owners—and the team’s—fans, still wanted a winning product on the field. Without totally spoiling the movie, Billy Bean (yes ladies, played by Brad Pitt) feels the pressure to find a way to put Wins on their scorecard. When the A’s lost their best player, Jason Giambi, to
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Ca_ Y_u Hear Me N_w? Voice Quality Issues Solved

Finally a referee has emerged to end the UC Voice blame game between IT staffs, VARs, phone system vendors, data centers, and managed cloud / WAN providers. The tribe has spoken. A recent InformationWeek UC study found over 42 percent of businesses that purchased hosted voice are unhappy with either its performance and/or reliability. In 2014, it’s staggering to think we have yet to figure out how to engineer a voice call to match the quality of experience of a basic POTS line. Voice Quality Issues need to stop taking over our lives. VoIP was the cutting edge “killer app”
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