Avaya Tech Talk – VoIP Monitoring with VXSuite

Avaya Tech Talk interviewed Doug Tolley and I about how VXSuite helps partners help their customers with VoIP monitoring.

Some of the questions we hear at trade shows and in demos are answered here. Such as:

How does the impact of other applications affect voice?

How do I know my employees are doing the right things at the right time?

I am in telecom. How do I talk to my network team about call issues?

If I want to plan for VoIP, how do I know where to start?

Most people agree VoIP is here to stay and that it works, but the biggest question people want answered is this one: “How do you know if VoIP will work in my environment?”We believe you need to understand the environment and optimize the performance of the ecosystem before you can deliver on the promise of unified communications. This three-step approach is key to success.


Having the right toolset is an important part of understanding the network –both where it is now and, what load it can handle as you add VoIP call.


Once you understand the above, you can optimize the performance of the network by using a VoIP monitoring toolset to determine delay, jitter, and loss – and correlate those to environmental changes in the network.

Deliver Results

Delivering consistent quality voice is important to every organization. The network is in a constant state of flux because new applications are always being added. As new applications are added, continual monitoring ensures success.

Avaya Tech Talk - VoIP Monitoring with VXSuite

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Join us for the podcast two where we dive deeper into what steps organizations can take in the planning stage to ensure success.

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