Fighting the Dangers of Sitting All Day

I am fortunate to have built a successful technology business in a home-office environment. It offers plenty of freedoms that not everyone can boast about—not the least of which is that my commute involves grabbing a cup of coffee in my own kitchen. No cars, no highways, no crazy drivers. But I’ve realized lately the dangers of sitting all day might counteract some of those great benefits.

In truth, 30 years of sitting at my desk for several hours a day has taken its toll on my health. These days, with the Internet, email and telephone as our primary method of communicating with customers and prospects, many of us can spend long stretches of time doing nothing but sit. And the shoulder scrunched, neck-jutting, bent-back “computer posture” only makes matters worse.

The Dangers of Sitting All Day

I knew I didn’t like the way I felt, but I didn’t realize how much of an effect all this sitting has had on my body until I read a compelling article in the Huffington Post about the dangers of sitting all day.

The article says even those who exercise are at risk from too much sitting—it cited one study that found “people who sat 11 hours or more a day had a 40 percent increased risk of dying over the next three years compared to those who sat for fewer than four hours a day.”

The more you read about it, the more you start to realize the dangers of sitting all day are a big deal. This LA Times headline sums it up nicely: “Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health.” Yikes!

Will a Stand-Up Desk Save the Day?

Immediately after reading the Huffington Post article and realizing the dangers of sitting all day, I did some research on stand-up desks. I found what I hope will be the answer to my many aches and pains.dangers of sitting all day

There are many options out there, but Varidesk has a variety of stand-up desks that I can place on my current desk and convert from sitting to standing in just a few seconds. I ordered the ProPlus 48, and I am hopeful that it will make a difference. And as an added benefit, I also hope my improved health will possibly improve my golf score!

The standup desk converter will be here in a week. My plan is to give it a few weeks and provide a followup story. Stay tuned!

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