The Last Laps of 2015: Part 4 – Declutter!

Welcome to our fourth installment of our Last Laps Until 2015 series, some quick and easy tips to help you declutter.

So far this month, we’ve looked at strategic scheduling, how to pay it back and pay it forward, and we discussed the value in expanding your horizons.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve had great response from our team members to these posts, and are sharing them with all of our staff, encouraging them to participate.

I hope you’ve been doing the same with yours.

Some of the things we have done during these exercises should have had a positive impact on your year end thus far.

Let’s Review!

As I scan my schedule, I see I either have met or will meet with 10 of the 14 people I listed in week one. Not a bad result, if I do say so myself.

And this strategic scheduling has allowed me to keep track of the few people I won’t be able to meet with until January.

Scan your schedule, is January where you would like it to be?

I have found that our week two exercise continues to reap benefits. I have had several people acknowledge the thank you cards I have sent. I have even had a few tell me they took the chance to thank others as well.

And how has that ‘expanding your horizon thing’ been going? I have been using a free app on my iPhone for TED talks, which I listen to/watch for a few minutes each morning. It’s allowed me to learn about some fascinating topics. I highly recommend it if you are still looking for the best way explore new topics and subject matter.

Now to this week’s exercise, and it’s one I think all of us struggle with at some point or another: Clutter!!

Last Laps Until 2015: Declutter!

Today we’re going to tackle de-cluttering. I know many if not all of you have cleaning activities on your to-do list, especially at this time of year.

I am also sure some of them include things like clean your basement, clean your garage, clean your closets, clean your home based files or some other iteration of what can be a daunting or monumental task.

But what about your office?Declutter

Did you know that a study by Adecco in 2012 showed 57 percent of people judge the effectiveness of those they work with by how clean or messy their office is kept.

It’s not that hard to maintain a tidy office, and today’s exercise will prove it. It’s easy, and very effective: Schedule 15-20 minutes and clean.

Try just your top desk drawer, one of two file folders that have been haunting you, or even that computer bag you lug back and forth to work every day. Better yet get out some furniture polish and simply clean your desk top.

For those of you that are more organized or already have cleaned at that level, think micro: Are all your photos organized, are your playlists how you would like them?

Is your digital filing up to date? Is your email to the place you would like it to be? The point is to pick something and make it a little more organized, a little tidier.

There is a quote by Albert Einstein often trotted out by chronic clutterers, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Personally? I have never walked into a clean office and thought the person was ineffective or needed more to do. In fact it is quite the opposite. I see people with clean offices and think they are in control and ready for new challenges.

I find that if I clean for a few minutes I feel more motivated, clearer on what I am trying to do and more effective.  Give it a try – It only costs 15 minutes.

Have a great week, and a fantastic holiday with your friends and family, from all of us here at VXSuite!
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