How to Deliver UC to your Customers: Sell Lync

Partners Deliver UC through Lync“Why am I writing about Lync?” you ask? “Because I hate being lied to…”It is probably my least favorite thing in the whole world.

Most of you probably feel the same way. But, somewhere along the line, we were all lied to about Unified Communications.

UC was supposed to be easier, faster, less expensive, and just as robust as my old copper lines and simple phone system.

And along with all those benefits I was supposed to have better communications, because my phone, PC, and mobile devices were all going to interact so seamlessly I would have an amazing “George Jetson’esque” experience.

So how come UC has been harder, slower, more expensive, and for some, much, much more difficult to implement and manage? And why don’t most users have the ability to talk to whom they want, when they want, on the device they want – flawlessly? Were we sold a bill of goods about UC? Yes, we were. So, why were we all so gullible?

Does Lync Work?

Then Microsoft Lync 2013 came along. And because of the bad taste in our mouth about Lync’s predecessors – Live Communications Server, Office Communications Server (OCS), and Lync Server 2010 – we were naturally all skeptical.

But today, to ignore the impact of Lync and dismiss it as an interesting but not viable alternative would be foolish. We have seen other applications come and, to put it kindly, flop before: Applications like OpenOffice (Forrester says only 6% of companies offer something other than Microsoft Office as an option), Linux as a desktop OS (1.67% of all desktops), and AOL Search (1.3% of all search), but Lync is here to stay. Here’s why.

Adoption is Huge

“Ninety out of 100 of the Fortune 100 are already using Microsoft Lync; 70 percent of all Fortune 500 companies are already using Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync is now equal to Avaya in terms of mind-share for companies looking for a new IP telephony platform,” according to Nemertes.

Lync is here to stay and is gaining market share. Your customers are looking at Lync, and if you don’t know how to answer their questions about it, they will certainly be going to your competition for their Lync needs.

The top three questions we hear from VARs and MSPs are:

Technology Innovation Conference

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  • How can my company play in the Lync sandbox?
  • Are people really making money with Lync?
  • How can I protect my company’s revenues and simultaneously grow our Lync business?

Well we’ve got the answers to those three questions, and a lot more. Come and see us at the upcoming Technology Innovation Conference. Hear the truth about Lync and how you can participate in this seismic shift in how Unified Communications is delivered. We look forward to seeing you there.

Technology Innovation Conference

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Doug Tolley (15 Blog Posts)

Doug Tolley is the Business Development Director for LVM, Inc. He has 20 years of experience in Business Development, Sales and Consulting, and Project Management in a wide variety of businesses with a primary emphasis on IT.