Dimension Data Takes Employee Training to a Whole NEW Dimension!

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing partners. Recently one of our partners, Dimension Data, invited us into their elite training facility to work with their sales and engineering staff. What an amazing experience.

As if running a multi billion-dollar organization with locations and staff spread out world-wide isn’t stressful enough, imagine employee training for such a massive operation. Think about the trouble of trying to bring a group of internationally based consultants, architects and managers together. It’s no easy task!

The employees we’re talking about are folks with major account and/or unique practice responsibilities ranging from hosted UCaaS (UC as a service) to creating hybrid Cisco/Lync solutions. While you might think a simple, online video conference with screen sharing would be the answer to this kind of employee training, but Dimension Data leads by example. This crew doesn’t take the easy way out.

In fact, they go out of their way to build continuity across various departments. The employees may be separated geographically, but Dimension Data brings together these individuals to create a small-business, close-knit team environment—and they do it with class, a consistent theme, and attention to the smallest details!

Employee Training Equals Employee SatisfactionDimension Data Employee Training

Dimension Data is a leader in the VAR/Integrator world. They are on the move to engage new markets with new service offerings, some even hosted and fully managed. Because of all these new offerings on the docket, they are steadfast in maintaining their reputation—they understand the importance of credibility in order to stay afloat in today’s competitive marketplace.

Maintaining a trustworthy reputation comes, in part, from a high level of employee satisfaction, and that starts with solid employee training. At Dimension Data, employees get ongoing education and informational training from customized lab/classroom environments with fun-filled themes.

This education includes personalized attention and exposure to partners and vendors who help keep things entertaining and motivating! Dimension Data also has employee awards with training completion. There are theme related goodies as well as bragging rights.

All of this, the thorough employee training and the way the company demonstrates care for each employee, makes the experience of working with (or at!) Dimension Data more satisfying.

I found it encouraging to see individual employees from such a huge organization recognized. Plus, it shows Dimension Data is not just the bigger and more experienced enterprise, but a company made up of people who really care.

The Employee Experience

The beauty of successful big businesses is in their commitment to the employee experience.

Many large businesses don’t operate in an office setting like those of small or mid-sized companies, and they certainly can’t get the team together for employee trainings and meetings like small and mid-sized businesses do. Most of us are familiar with the type of meetings I’m talking about; we’ve all been to the Monday huddle or walked down the hall for Q&A with management. But what Dimension Data does when they get together is a different beast.

We’re talking about taking folks from around the globe after months of working remotely and bringing them together to create a face-to-face employee training experience. We’re talking about serving up quality information and giving a sense of involvement to each individual.

For large companies like Dimension Data, virtual employees help create a presence of local care across wide geographic areas. That said, staying connected internally brings a level of job satisfaction that far outweighs the travel expense of bringing the team together in person.

Keeping it Fun is Smart

Think about it: When you’re a growing business, you want to steer clear of extraneous expenses—and bringing a global team together onsite can certainly be expensive. However, employees are a company’s strongest asset. Businesses that invest in their employees financially, educationally, and socially will always excel.

To quote Richard Branson: “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

After I left the training room at DiData (as those in the know like to call it) and said goodbye to all of the folks who participated in the employee training, all I can say is, it was a pleasure. They nailed it!

Bigger can be better!



Kurt Karshick (2 Blog Posts)

Kurt has over 15 years as a technology strategist and business developer in both Start Up and seasoned firms. As Director of Channel Management - East, Kurt's focus is on the East Coast channel sales and partner development at LVM. This includes all types of organizations supporting and delivering Digital/IP PBX, UC platforms and/or Microsoft LYNC initiatives as well as those looking to deliver voice-oriented managed services as provided via our Cloud/Premise based VXSuite of solutions.