Do you know these common National Service Numbers??

To follow up on our previous post about 711 services, what a great time to revisit the common ‘national service numbers’ that are N11 in their format. In the US these include:

 211 ­ Usually Local Community Services

311 ­ Municipal Government Services

411 ­ Directory Assistance

511 ­ Traveler of Non-Emergency Information

611 ­ Telco Customer Service

*711 ­ TDD Relay for the hearing impaired

811 ­ Call BEFORE you dig

*911 ­ Emergency Services


*As stated earlier, with the EXCEPTION of 911 and 711, these are all OPTIONAL to have programmed into your corporate phone system.


Should you also be able to dial 112?

That is not an officially recognized number in the US for ANY service. It is the European Unions designated emergency number.

But, if you have European visitors, it is is goo idea to put it in your dial plan. Just remember to delete the digits and insert 911 as the carrier may NOT honor the code. Typically a wireless carrier will, but not a wireline carrier.

Thanks to Mark J. Fletcher, ENP, from Avaya Public Safety Solutions for his help with this post. Mark is an expert in all things E911. You can contact him at (908) 848-2602 or on the internet at 


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