Dollar Photo Club is my New Love

Sometimes something so good comes along I just have to share it with everyone. Dollar Photo Club is that thing.

Dollar Photo booth image

I cropped out the extra stuff and used the hands holding the city for a 10′ trade show booth.

For anyone who has had to search for and purchase stock images you know it can be a confusing process of points and file sizes. Dollar Photo Club has taken the confusion out of the equation and made life so much easier for me.

Every Photo is $1

It seems like there must be a catch, but there is not. Every photo is $1. You can use it as many times as you want on things like your web site, a trade show booth, etc.

They also have an option where for $50 you can use it for commercial purposes. Want to sell t-shirts at the local fair? You can buy the extended royalty free license and use it over 500,000 times. Still a steal in my opinion!

Subscription Plan

They way it works is you sign up for $10 a month and you get 10 images. And if you don’t use them they roll over to the next month. You can buy additional images for an additional $1 each. No hidden stuff here.

Always Fresh Images

When I have a blog that needs some visual pizzazz, or I’m looking for new graphics for a Power Point, Prezi or trade show booth, I search Dollar Photo Club and find an amazing selection of really great photos, illustrations and vector images. And these are really great quality. I used this photo of a man holding a city scape in a tablet for a ten foot wide trade show booth.

Plus, they add 100,000+ new images every week!

Great for School Projects too

I have also used the site for my son’s school projects. This way he is not stealing images off Google and his presentations are much more professional. Need a nucleus? They have 7,042 options. How about an image of the civil war? They have 2,579 in that category.

So what’s in this great review for me? Nothing, They didn’t pay me to write this. BUT – if you want to sign up for Dollar Photo Club, please use this link and I can get a discount on my subscription.

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