Flight Delays and the Glamour of Travel

Travel is inevitable in my line of work. I am a Channel Manager and Director of Content for LVM, Inc – the software company that manufactures VXSuite, a suite of cloud-based analytic software that helps Telecom and IT Managers monitor and manager the phone system and the network it runs on. I go to a lot of trade shows, partner meetings and speaking engagements.

Today I am headed to Wisconsin for one of my favorite trade shows, and wound up delayed on the plane for 90 minutes while they tried to fix the radio. They said the radio is necessary to communicate with the tower, but with a plant that has Gogo in-flight wifi, isn’t there any other method we could use to talk to ground control? I mean really, keeping us on the plane, buckled in for 90 minutes seemed a bit ridiculous.

So here are a few of my observations:

The pilot came on a few times and told us what was happening and gave us updates. But coming on and saying they are trying was not all that reassuring. It was only after we took off that we were told by flight attendants that they have rebooked us all on other flights. What other flights I wondered? The ones I searched from from my phone made me connect again through Atlanta or Philly. Fun. I get to travel to the east coast to make it back to the Midwest?

Once we hit 10,000 feet I paid for the Gogowifi and started checking. If they rebooked us, wouldn’t it have been nice if American had sent an email to me to let me know what flight I’m booked on? Or at least had my travel updated on the American Airlines web site? It’s all about communication here. Wouldn’t it have been nice for American to cover the cost of the Gogo service so we could communicate with the folks we are trying to get to?

I actually did better on my FAVORITE app/web site Tripit.com. They listed all the American flights as well as other airlines plus the flight times, layovers and arrival times.

American could have come out smelling like a rose here. Give us free Gogo, a free drink, and send us an email letting us know what flights we have been moved to. There are lots of travel choices these days. I understand that issues arise. It’s all about how you respond to them. 

Amy Bailey (103 Blog Posts)

Amy Bailey is the VP of Marketing at VXSuite has been with the product line for over eight years. Over the years she has filled may roles including Sales Manager and Project Manager. She is a graduate of San Diego State University with BA's in Speech Communication and Liberal Arts. Amy was Associated Students' President while at SDSU and has several years of sales and management experience in the high-end retail clothing industry. She enjoys knitting, country music and spending time with family.