I’m a 3.5-star hotel traveler, and I’m happy with that

I had to laugh when I read this Real Life Adventures comic by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich. Sometimes something HotelRatingsso simple really hits a nerve. I travel for business – a lot. Sometimes it’s a few times a month and other times it’s less, but anyone who has been on the road knows there are some things that ring true. A good hotel can mean the difference between a great trip and a crappy one. And by good hotel I don’t mean 5-star ratings. I like breakfast. I eat it every morning, and as anyone who has traveled with my can attest, without it I am not a happy person. So I usually book myself at 3.5-star hotels because they offer a free continental breakfast. Is it super fancy? Nope – but it gets something into my stomach and makes me a happy person. I am sure it doesn’t take much to realize that a happy person on the road is going to have a better business trip. The other thing I expect from my hotel is wi-fi. And I want it for FREE. And at the 3.5-star hotels I usually get that.

So tell me this… why do I get these amenities at a 3.5-star hotel and not at the 5-star hotel? Why when I go to a 5-star hotel do I pay $15.95 for breakfast in the restaurant and $9.95 a day for wi-fi? It seems like since I am paying 25-40% more for a 5-star resort I should have more amenities, not less. So for now I’ll stick with Hampton Inn, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Express and all the other 3.5-Star hotels out there on Hotels.com and be a much happier traveler.

What are your go-to hotels for business travel?

Amy Bailey (103 Blog Posts)

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