It’s amazing we can talk at all!

AT&T mess

AT&T rat’s nest in our neighborhood

I am a purist at heart.

I won’t get rid of the copper phone lines to my house. Yes, on rainy days the quality gets a little scratchy, but unlike my VoIP phone it always works.

I have a VoIP phone on my desk. We use a ShoreTel system and I have a firewall and a VPN and a 565 handset on my desk. The phone works great – my internet does not. Most days it works fine. BUT, I work from home and during holidays and especially today, the day after Christmas, my service sucks. Why? Because every kid in my neighborhood is home (including mine) and they are all connecting their new gadgets to the network. And then they’re playing games and watching Netflix online and surfing the web for after-Christmas deals.  They are playing Xbox live with the kid who lives across the street – as well as some around the world. And my AT&T U-verse can’t handle it. It has nothing to do with the ShoreTel – it’s great – but when my internet is drained to nil and the rest of the neighborhood is on too, the network just can’t keep up.

Last week, we saw some guys on the pole above the house and they opened this up and we were shocked.

AT&T workers re-tie the pairs in our neighborhood.

The rat’s nest is getting smaller!

“How do we even talk?” my son asked. “How do they know which ones go together?”

Well over the course of the week they meticulously re-tied every pair. We heard one guy ask his co-worker for the grey one and the response came back that he was looking at slate, not grey. I didn’t know most men knew the difference. I can’t say I do.

I am happy to report they have finished the work and it looks good and works great! And it even rained last night. So I can keep my copper lines. I may work in telecom and love all the benefits of UC and VoIP, but I still like knowing that in the event of an emergency the paramedics can find our house and if we have a power outage, I can make a call.

It’s the little things. 


All finished – much better!

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