Network Performance Monitoring for VoIP Success

In our four-part series on the Avaya Podcast Network with host Mark Fletcher, we discuss steps to VoIP Success.

In our  first podcast we came to the conclusion that VoIP works, and is here to stay. We talked about why understanding the communications ecosystem, optimizing its performance, and delivering consistent quality voice services is the foundation for building a strong VoIP implementation.

In our second podcast we looked at the three steps to VoIP success, and how using the right toolkit can take the guesswork out of delivering quality voice services.

VoIP Success with VXSuite

Listen to this four-part podcast where Doug Tolley & Amy Bailey detail the three-steps to VoIP Success.

Who is Responsible?

Today we talk about network performance monitoring and who is responsible for the success of a VoIP implementation. Is it the vendor, the carrier, or the integrator?

At VXSuite we believe the responsibility lies with the end user. It’s the person the CEO calls when their phone isn’t working. Be it the Telecom Manager, IT Manager, Network Manager, etc. The title here is irrelevant. It’s the person in the organization who is paid to make it work.

Finger Pointing is Rampant

When a VoIP implementation is having issues, we tend to see lots of finger pointing. The vendor points to the carrier, the carrier points to the network administrator and the network administrator points back at the vendor. It can be a real mess.

The Toolset Tells No Lies

When this finger pointing is out of control the person with a toolset to pinpoint problems is the one who quiets the room. They use data to back up their position. They can use network performance monitoring to point to a router with issues, discover the carrier has bandwidth issues, or identify someone internally who is using a resource-heavy application (think Pandora, Hulu, etc).

The reports in VXSuite deliver the right information to the right person so they can make the right decision. In the end –it’s that person who will answer the tough questions.

Network Performance Monitoring with VXSuite

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Join us for our final podcast where we discuss the idea that even if it works when we first install it, how do I keep that continuity?

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