Platte River Technology Showcase – Baseball, Cloud Technology and a Cold One!

Set in the heart of downtown Denver, Coors Field is a fantastic spot to host a technology forum.

And to my luck, Platte River Networks held their annual Platte River Technology Showcase at the Coors Field Rooftop last week.

It’s the newest hot spot at Coors Field – a perfect mix of seating area and concourse with just enough room to house the booths of the vendors participating in the technology showcase.

The goal?

VXSuite talking Cloud at the Platte River Technology Showcase

Ron Campbell talks about how VXSuite helps monitor and report on cloud applications.

Support our partner, meet every person and company, assess their needs, offer a solution, and make new friends. Plus we get to enjoy a great game of baseball and maybe a frosty cold one –Coors of course!

It’s All About the Cloud

The overwhelming theme I saw at the show was Cloud. Windstream was talking about how to get to the cloud (bandwidth) and with their IP Simple managed UC solution, Platte River helped people realize what they could expect from cloud applications.

At the VXSuite booth we talked about monitoring and managing the infrastructure the cloud depends on.

One of the biggest hits of the show was our booth giveaway – the Jabra SPEAK™ 510. This personal Bluetooth and USB speakerphone is great when connecting to Microsoft Lync or any other softphone UC platform. It allows you to join the conversation –anytime, anywhere.

Interested in Lync? At the showcase we introduced our VXSuite Lync options. VXSWAT will help with your current Lync implementation or go with our cloud hosted offering VXSuite plus Lync.

It’s a great way for SMB’s to take advantage of all the things Lync has to offer without the headaches of supporting the on-premises deployment.

After the show we moved to our seats and I marveled at the physics of Coors Field.

Coors Field – Almost in the Clouds

As a Mariners Safeco Field guy, I see fewer home runs because of its dimensions. And since Safeco sits just 17 feet above sea level and not a mile high, I was amazed at how different the ball performs here.

The ball travels nine percent farther at 5,280 feet than at sea level. It is estimated a home run hit 400 feet in sea-level Safeco Stadium would travel as far as 440 feet in the Mile High City.

We had a beautiful night for some baseball, Coors beers, and networking.

The only downer? The Rockies fell to the Nationals 4-7.
Ron Campbell (2 Blog Posts)

As Director of Channel Management for VXSuite, I enjoy spending my time leveraging resources to meet diverse business demands and help partners deliver the promise of unified communications to their customers. I enjoy hiking, golfing and spending time outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.