Puking on Seattle: How a happy flight attendant changed my perspective

I am flying home from Seattle.  I spent the day in customer meetings and actually enjoyed the interactions.  For some reason last night my system decided that it was a sick moment and I started puking on Seattle.  I am completely sore and sick as a dog and dreading this flight.  I am not a good puker (Is anyone?) but doing so in tight cramped quarters seems especially daunting. 

So I am watching one of the most enthusiastic flight attendants (I think that is the preferred title) I have ever seen.  He is an elderly man from his gray hair and he is just so excited almost to the point of being annoying.  Notice I said almost.

I started thinking…what if everyone enjoyed their jobs and were as dedicated as Paul (named changed to protect the innocent). Imagine a hotel worker excited to see you and welcome you in, followed by a rental car counter worker truly trying to make sure you are happy.  A gate agent that shares a joke, a waitress that really cares. A doctor that respects your time and never makes you wait, a tax accountant with a sense of humor, a high school teacher that can sing Ice, Ice Baby and a teenager that didn’t think everything was against them. 

The thing I noticed is the other attendants are happier on this flight than most flights as well, coincidence? … Maybe. Or maybe happiness it is infectious.  Maybe I am infectious and should just go to sleep. 

Anyway – Sorry to the hotel room maid that had to take care of a rough night.  I hope the tip I left and the sincere apology note is received as a genuine attempt to help a bad situation. 

How often do we as managers allow pressure of stress from our jobs allow us to impact the performance of our employees simply because we can’t avoid the effect of other factors?  I know this is a weakness I am guilty of, I wonder how much productivity I have cost myself over the years from not being excited like Paul.

A good mood all the time is not possible…or is it? I am sick, but Paul the happy flight attendant has made me happier.  I have smiled at him, thanked him and chatted a bit.  While not in a perfect mood I am certainly better than when I boarded. If every bad attitude were countered by a Paul, what would the impact be? I wonder….

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