Telemedicine is Changing the Healthcare IT Landscape

Telemedicine is on the rise and having High-Tech ICUs can set your facility apart from the rest.

Why is telemedicine on the rise?

Enter Medicare Telehealth Parity Act of 2014. A tabled bill in the House of Representatives that would significantly expand instances in which Medicare would reimburse for telemedicine services.

This bill is set to “…extend coverage to those living in an MSA of fewer than 50,000 residents after six months, to those in MSAs of between 50,000 and 100,000 people in two years and to any Medicare beneficiary in four years. The bill would also expand telemedicine services eligible for reimbursement to include many outpatient therapy services and provide coverage for remote patient monitoring and other home-based telemedicine services.”
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Where do you stand with Telemedicine?

Is your facility using or exploring Tele ICU Hubs? Afraid of how taxing the electronic communications that make telemedicine work can be on your network?

Enter VXSuite. This network monitoring tool helps with pre-assessments to determine if you have the right amount of bandwidth, and tests the network using the audio and video codecs you will be using to show saturation and quality of experience.

VXSuite is used in the deployment phase to continue to monitor call quality and network issues as the new system is rolled out. VXSuite is system-agnostic and can gather data simultaneously across the heterogeneous environment.

Customers leave VXSuite in place to ensure that the system continues to function without issue and that UCC problems are quickly diagnosed and resolved.

Three Steps to Telemedicine Success

These 3 steps can help when introducing a tele-medicine system, video conferencing or other network-straining technology.

Don’t get left behind when the Medicare Telehealth Parity Act of 2014 is passed, and subsequently levels the playing field for the many people who desperately need access to telemedicine.

VXSuite specializes in healthcare implementations. Let us help you, help others.

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