Unfriend Facebook? It is so 2012!

What happened?  I was such a Facebook fan.  There was the “courting stage” where I migrating my social media life from MySpace to Facebook.  With Facebook, I was just happy to open up a user’s page without music blasting over my laptop speakers.  So long MySpace.  Then the “I can’t believe who I can connect with” stage as I re-connected with friends from childhood.  Next was the “let’s share how cool my life is” stage.  Now, as I have gotten older, I have realized how uncool I really am.  My life isn’t all that interesting that I need to share a daily update.  I travel a bunch.  As I spent a whole 45 seconds staring at the wall in an airport restroom, I found myself reading a few of the wall scribes.  Of course, my initial thought was, “Who carries a Sharpie?”  Then I realized, the posts on the bathroom wall weren’t anymore amusing or interesting than those on Facebook.  Ugh!   It hit me.  I’ve lost hours of my life reading Facebook posts that are not any more interesting than what is written on a men’s room wall.  I realized, “I need to unfriend Facebook!”  Luckily, I came to my senses and began to use the Paper app for Facebook.  It’s Facebook in a newer, fresher view.  Unfortunately, most of the posts are boring still.

I generally use the check-in feature for Facebook.  It amazes me that I find someone to meet at my check-in location or city.  It truly is a small world.  A feature, nearby friends, was released by Facebook.  It is an opt-in only feature, which is a nice perk, and should address privacy issues.  We used Find My Friends while at Disney World, so this type of feature can be a beneficial tool.  Another app alternative, Klutch, allows for a group of contacts to decide where to meet and when.  This can replace the five emails it often takes to request a meeting, decide on the time and location and wait for confirmations.

I’m a productivity app junkie.  If there is one that will make my work and personal life more organized, I’ll try it.  Microsoft Office has turned my iPad into an actual workable tablet.  Microsoft released Excel, Word and PowerPoint for iPad and iPhone.  They lack a few features that you should expect to receive with your desktop, however the apps are a great way to reduce the need of carrying around your laptop.  One draw back, it does not integrate with Dropbox.  Speaking of Dropbox, they released a new app, Carousel, which manages photos.  You’ll need to monitor the amount of available Dropbox storage, but it should be an alternative to Picasa.  One key feature is the easy way to share a volume of photos with other folks. 

I hurt my back handing Mrs. App’s laptop cord to her the other day.  OK, I didn’t hurt my back, but it is a heavy cord.  Dart launched a new cord, which is light and compatible with Mac and most laptops.  This is a great item to Google for travelers.  It is available for $79 on Kickstarter here.

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Brian has focused on helping technology companies grow their businesses for nearly twenty years.  He currently serves as the Director of Channel Management for a cloud-based software business, which specializes in network monitoring, phone system usage analytics and mobile device analytics.  Simply put, if your business’ network, phone system and corporate cell phones are slow, have issues and are expensive, then his software reduces and eliminates these challenges.  The software is resold through an international channel of technology partners.  He travels across North America educating technology companies how they can increase their business value nearly five-fold through his hybrid managed service selling technique. 

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