VXSuite Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last week our very own Kurt Karshick, Channel Manager for the East and Central time zones, challenged the entire VXSuite team to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. After I got done cursing his name, I accepted.

And what fun it was!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Across the US

Kurt is in Rochester New York and challenged us from his driveway (where they are not having a drought). Ron is in Wenatchee, Washington and accepted from his lovely grass back yard as did Michael, Toni and Roger, all in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I am in Southern California and went with the pool version – where the water replenished my pool and I was able to jump into the warm water of the pool (think 85º) to thaw out.

Some Paid Up Instead of Feeling the Ice

There were those who were wiser than others and chose to donate a large sum to this worthwhile cause. Thanks Dan Bravo, Doug Tolley, Joyce Carleton and Jack Tatum. We felt your love in spirit.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Awareness, but What Else?

We didn’t just do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge because ALS is a worthwhile organization fighting an awful, debilitating disease – although they are and do. We did it because that’s how we roll. We are a spirited and adventurous group who will never back down from a challenge.

We love to have fun and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought us an opportunity to connect even though we are spread all across this great country. It allowed us to share a common event from across the miles. Plus, we love things that start as a grass-roots effort and gain an international audience.

Thank You Kurt for Challenging Us

Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS asks if you have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge

And thank you ALSA for continuing in your efforts to fight this awful disease. I personally have a friend who lost his battle with ALS last year and know how difficult the degeneration was for me to watch. I simply cannot imagine living with the disease.

A Class Act

Although I know ALSA wasn’t expecting this outpouring of support, I believe they have handled the media craze with class. As Barbara Newhouse, President and CEO of The ALS Association said, “We are simply awe-struck at the incredible generosity that has poured forth to help fight this disease.”

I trust you will spend the money as Barbara Newhouse, President and CEO of The ALS Association said on research and care services for people living with ALS.

Have you completed an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Post your videos and stories in the comments below!

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