The Last Laps Until 2015: Part 2 – At VXSuite, We Pay it Back and Pay it Forward

Last week we shared with you the first in a ‘wrap up the year’ series we’re doing here on the VXSuite blog.

We’re also sharing these posts internally, and encouraging all our staff members to ‘play along’ as well, hoping to inspire a super strong end to 2014, and an anticipatory start to 2015.

Our last post in this series talked about how important strategic scheduling is when wrapping up such a festive, busy month.

Today’s instalment, with roughly three weeks left in 2014, is in the true spirit of the holiday season. It is about gratitude and giving back.

At VXSuite We Pay it Back and Pay it Forward

Paying it back and/or paying it forward does not have to mean spending lots of money, or splashing out on lavish presents.

On the contrary, today’s exercise is about the power of sincerity and the power of recognition. Today’s exercise is about thanking people: The people you’ve worked with, clients and peers, and the people who work for you, your staff members.

Before we begin, go back and quickly scan last week’s exercise and ensure your strategic schedule is on track and working.

Are you reaping the benefits of having a real plan? Is your first week of the year filling up?  Are you getting to meet with the people you need to? Good!

To continue our quest to finish the year strong, let’s now focus on those people, the hard workers, or those who’ve gone the extra mile to help this year.

Generating Goodwill

One of the most impactful things we can personally do to succeed is go out of our way to generate goodwill from the people within our influence.

VXSuite Pay it Forward

Phobe learns how good it feels to pay it forward.

As the old saying goes, one good deed deserves another, so it’s not surprising that one of the hardest things to do is thank your network, maybe help them out in some way, without getting anything in return.

One of my favorite Friends episodes shared how Phoebe believes there is no selfless good deed, and, in true Phoebe style, tries to do something without having it come back in return.  They make a strong point that good acts usually pay back exponentially.

I had this lesson reinforced this year at a meeting with a high level Cisco Executive who made critical introductions for us during the process VXSuite went through to become Cisco Certified.

She told me she was so happy to meet with us and help us because over the last several years VXSuite’s own Kurt Karshick had maintained a caring, helpful relationship without needing or wanting anything in return. In fact, they had met doing business, and even when that particular business had wrapped, Kurt still helps her whenever he can. Well done!

Helping Hands

So the exercise this week on the surface is simple, but may be a little more difficult than you think.

Take a few minutes and try to help someone you know. If you can’t think of a specific item with a direct impact, perhaps take the time to write a LinkedIn recommendation for someone you know who is really good at what they do.

Don’t default to endorsements but write a personal note that describes why you respect them in their role(s). Imagine you are helping them with their year-end performance review or helping them look for a job. Above all, be sincere!

Better still, send a special holiday card, with a personal, hand written thank you note. The fine art of sending thank you cards appears to be dying an early death, and you’d be amazed how thrilled people are to receive actual mail these days that isn’t a bill!

Once again, here at VXSuite, we don’t believe that paying it forward, or giving something back, has to involve money or gifts. It is truly heartwarming to see what an impact a genuine thank you, a little recognition, can have on those around us.


Read part one, Strategic Scheduling from the previous week.

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