Circuit Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Now You, The End User Can Conduct Your Own Circuit Monitoring

Do you wish you had the ability to understand everything going on within your unified communication ecosystem? Do you imagine a world where you could look at a simple dashboard and get a clear understanding of the status of each circuit in your network? Now with Telarus circuit monitoring you can do just that.

What Are the Requirements for Circuit Monitoring?

  • Your circuit needs to be sourced through Telarus.
  • Only static IP addresses can be tested.
  • An email address needs to be provided to receive circuit monitoring alert notifications.

The Four Main Features of Circuit Monitoring

Circuit monitoring provides four main features:

  • Ping Tests

A ping test goes out to a specific circuit. This test generates several types of data:

  • If the circuit is up or down.
  • How long the packets are taking to get back and forth.
  • How many ping tests failed by time over each circuit.
  • Average delay over the past 24 hours.

Ping tests monitor more than just a single packet. By default, five pings are sent and the report shows how many of those come back.

  • Traceroute Tests

Traceroute tests are sent to the router to provide additional performance measurements. If there is a slow-down in that circuit, you have hop-by-hop performance data to identify where hang-ups might be in that circuit.

  • Customer Notifications

Notifications can be set via email to alert customers if a circuit goes down.

  • Dashboard Summary

Dashboard and circuit summary information delivers comprehensive reports to end-users. As an end user, you will be able to view real time circuit monitoring to learn how many circuits are down. Learn more about how to ready your dashboard here.

Have a circuit not sourced from Telarus? We can monitor that for an additional fee. Contact us to find out how.

Reading and monitoring your very own performance dashboard provides you with a certain transparency when things go wrong. The transparency and information you need to for consistency and success.




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