Partner Spotlight on Jack Knocke

At six feet, two inches, Jack Knocke is easy to spot in a crowd. I first met him last March in Las Vegas at the Channel Partners show. I knew he’d be attending the event, but at such a large show, I didn’t think I’d see him. Walking the show Sunday night I spotted a well-dressed, tall man across the aisle. With a friendly smile we greeted each other and, when I saw his name tag, I broke out laughing—he was right….find each other, we did!

Jack makes a living helping VARs and MSPs fine-tune their businesses. Many leave 30 percent of their customers’ IT spend under the management of someone else. He is an advisor, and in many cases, a mentor.

His extensive industry knowledge helps his customers:

  • Take control of procurement of cloud and carrier services;
  • Support of the implementation process;
  • Gain access to best-in-class vendors with great support models; and
  • Deliver a path to higher monthly recurring revenues and profits.

Jack attended VXMadness, the VXSuite partner conference on recurring revenue, and contributed greatly to the discussions. While at VXMadness we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions—which you can watch below—and followed-up for some greater insight on him.

Without Further Ado…Jack Knocke

Where Do You See the Unified Communications Space in the Next Five Years?

We’re going to see much more seamless integration between wireless, WiFi, and wired communication devices to coordinate voice, messaging, and email. Interoperability and/or single platform solutions will be duking it out to see who will win the day.

What is the Most Common Question Customers Ask You?

How can we find more great partners and actually make the relationship strategic? It goes both ways. Whether it’s vendors who seek partners to include their services in their portfolio or partners who seek to expand their business profitably with the best vendors in the space. Everyone seems to be fatigued with the fishbowl marketing approach (business cards in a fishbowl) which provides leads, but is short on finding relevance. There’s just not enough time and cycles to go through the old processes. More targeted, strategic, and relevant matching is much appreciated on both sides.

Let’s Talk Career. What’s a Big Mistake You’ve Made?

Jack Knocke

Jack Knocke with his sweet potato harvest.

Early in my career it was definitely not moving fast enough to get out of a bad situation…. Declining profits, reduction in compensation, questionable activities…are all indications of a need to move on. A great team, great products, and a growing vertical are all great reasons to stick it out when things are tough. Those have been the most rewarding experiences.

What Industry Practice Do You Think is Wrong?

Vendors who coach channel managers from competitors to redirect business. This practice is much more prominent than it should be.

What is One Thing People Don’t Know About You?

I really enjoy growing food in the garden. From the vegetable garden to fruit trees, it’s rewarding to “pick” dinner.

Where Can People Find You?

Amy Bailey (103 Blog Posts)

Amy Bailey is the VP of Marketing at VXSuite has been with the product line for over eight years. Over the years she has filled may roles including Sales Manager and Project Manager. She is a graduate of San Diego State University with BA's in Speech Communication and Liberal Arts. Amy was Associated Students' President while at SDSU and has several years of sales and management experience in the high-end retail clothing industry. She enjoys knitting, country music and spending time with family.

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