Six Lync Issues to be Aware of in Competitive Situations

At VXMadness 2.0 we had a lively Lync panel discussion with experts in Lync and Skype for Business implementations. They took questions from the audience and offered advice and suggestions. Amy Freeman, owner of Global Communications, LLC, asked a question about Lync issues. She was concerned about competing against other phone system vendors and wanted to know what limitations Lync has that they will encounter.

Lync Issues

At VXMadness 2.0, our Lync Panel tackled Lync Issues

Because Microsoft owns the desktop, they have the advantage for that user. Office applications dominate most organizations, and users are comfortable navigating these programs. Adding IM, presence, and screen share features inside Office applications they already use makes the experience highly interactive.

Overcome Objections to Lync Issues

People can always point to minor Lync issues, but what are the limitations that might cause the customer to choose a competitive product?

We have compiled six potential Lync issues, and our experts have offered ways to overcome those objections.

IVR – Lync has a shallow IVR structure and only supports up to two levels of questions, with each question having up to four possible answers. It is usually fine for smaller businesses. One thing to ask in the pre-sales process is, “What are the goals for the IVR?” Sometimes companies originally had have complex IVR structures and they have never been updated.

User Interface – Traditional handset users may find the user interface confusing. Users have complained there are too many right clicks and the difference between a standard click, and a right click can be confusing.

Conferencing – Lync is great at small group conferencing and collaboration, but very large conference calling—think thousands of users—is not a good fit. If you need large conferencing capabilities, it is best to integrate with a third-party application.

Virtualization – Another one of the Lync issues to be aware of is that you cannot use virtualization for the implementation.

Call Center – Lync doesn’t have an inherent call center application. Third-party vendors offer options for call center functionality.

Mac vs PC – Because the Mac versions of Office products are always behind the PC version, Mac users will have a different experience on Lync. Be sure you are asking questions about the hardware users will be using to ensure the same experience.

Partners are changing the way they approach customers by asking, “What is your Lync Strategy?” in every sales call. The partner who can help guide the customer through the Lync issues and unknowns will ultimately keep the customer.

To find out more about how the VXSuite tools can help prevent Lync issues in your implementations, contact us today.

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