Telecom Glossary of Terms

These days a telecom glossary is necessary to keep track of the growing number of phrases, acronyms, and idioms of the telecom world. They resemble an alphabet soup—messier than most people can handle.

Keeping up with all of the new terms can be difficult, if not impossible, especially without a telecom glossary or reference of some type.

One of the resources we use is Newton’s Telecom Dictionary. Harry Newton, former publisher of Teleconnect and six other monthly magazines for the telecommunications industry, has compiled an amazing reference for all things telecom.

What? Buy a Telecom Reference Book? Telecom Glossary of Terms

As the description notes, this telecom dictionary  is:

the “bible” of the telecommunications, networking, Internet, the Cloud, computer and information technology industries. It earned this reputation through its widespread adoption for training, for management and sales understanding of industry jargon, technology and management practices. Substantially expanded, the 28th edition has 27,805 definitions; with 827 new definitions and 2500 updates and rewrites, reflecting recent industry changes. This “dictionary” is really an encyclopedia of the technology industry since many of the “definitions” are several pages long and explain the practical pros and cons of using particular technology.

On the first few pages you’ll also find some unexpected, but fun sections.

Oh, you heard me right. Fun and telecom—and we aren’t just talking SIP trunking and Virtual LANs here, although one often wonders how it could get more exciting than that?

Trust me, it does!

For example, topics like, “The Hottest Telecom Opportunities” tell users where the industry is headed and where opportunities will expand. My favorite section though, is “The Best Money Saving Tips.” These are tips on everything from traveling overseas to why everyone needs a shredder. Mr. Newton’s hilarious observations remind users never to call area codes 809, 284 and 876.


You’ll have to read his comments.

The VXSuite Telecom Glossary

Yes, I have a Newton’s Telecom Dictionary on my bookshelf—a few actually, from different years—but these days I will typically do a Google search for a new term before I grab my dictionary.

To help our partners and end-users, we have compiled a telecom glossary of terms with some of the most frequently sought-after terms. Keeping the PSTN, ITSP, CDR and SBC separate is much easier with this handy telecom glossary.

Have suggestions for other terms we should add? What would you like to see in addition to this telecom glossary?


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