When Technology Fails

My daily life is filled with technology. Some days it works and other days I experience technology fails.

My iPhone 6 Plus (if I had to do it again I would buy the regular 6) wakes me up in the morning and I use its Bluetooth to connect music in the car while I drive my son to school. At my desk, I am surrounded by three computers, a laser printer, a scanner, and a DVR. I use Skype for Business (Lync) for my phone system, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

Typically I am happy with the technology in my life and it works well, but sometimes it doesn’t work as expected.

When Technology Fails Create Communication Issues

technology fails

Got tattoos? The Apple watch may not be a good fit.

Remember this story from my friend who received a voicemail speech to text voicemail about urine samples and syringes rather than the air quality in her office? Needless to say, she had to listen to the actual message to understand that one.

Or this one about how Roger hates email because he finds it to be used more as a CYA (cover your a**) tool rather than a real means of communication?

And still, every time I call my mother-in-law, she says, “Hold on while I change phones” because she can’t get a decent phone.

And then there’s Tattoo-Gate—the annoying fact that the Apple Watch does not perform as designed if the wearer has a tattoo on their wrist. I am not a tattoo fan, but I am shocked that of all the people they had testing the watch, none had sleeve tattoos. Now that’s a communication fail!

We Can’t Blame it all on Technology

Communication mistakes can be embarrassing and career-limiting. Sometimes it is not a technology fail causing the issue. Many times it’s about time—or lack thereof. Rushing to send an email may cause you to misspell words. Answering emails in between picking the kids up for soccer and grabbing dinner can lead to reactionary responses. Depending on who the email was to will depend greatly on the severity of the issue.

Use the wrong your/you’re or there/their and the recipient will probably overlook the error. But sometimes your phone’s auto-correct feature changes words you’ve misspelled to something uncomfortable. Hopefully the person on the other end has a sense of humor.

Avoiding communication mistakes is mostly about slowing down, but technology fails can stop you dead in your tracks—like when your Apple Watch can’t tell you what time it is.

Back to the drawing board.


Amy Bailey (103 Blog Posts)

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