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Founded in 1986, CONNECTIONS is a family owned and operated distributor of call accounting systems and other telecom expense management tools.

They are the leader in Telecom Cost Control Solutions for over twenty eight years.

As their customer base expands with more enterprise customers, they have found that these customers look to vendors like CONNECTIONS that have earned their trust to provide them additional products and services that help lower costs.

Getting your arms around the complex issues surrounding you every day can be a challenge. CONNECTIONS has connections and can help you find the solution to your issues, no matter how big or how small.

Tavis offers application development services and backend data integration for Microsoft platforms including Microsoft SharePoint.

This provides their Customers with immediate and on-site access to an experienced team and the ability to create working prototypes and new applications that have to be supported on newly acquired Microsoft platforms.

Fujitsu has been in business for over 75 years.

There aren’t many companies around who can make that claim.

For the past 30 years, they have been supporting their industry clients in America, and have earned a solid reputation for our high reliability and top-notch support.

Continuant’s customer-centered service culture is an essential part of who they are, and drives their day-to-day operating philosophy. By building long-lasting partnerships and collaborating with customers to identify their needs, Continuant provides innovative solutions and a hassle-free experience.

Since their inception in 1996, Continuant’s mission has been shaped by their customers. Their founders did not set out to reinvent the  telecom industry. But, as they spoke to business owners and executives, they heard about the need for efficient, cost-effective services to support voice and data equipment from multiple manufacturers. It became apparent that no single company or manufacturer placed post-installation service and support as its single highest priority. As a result, Continuant created a new business model based on the premise that customers have the right to receive maximum longevity and value from their technology investments. Continuant developed a portfolio of voice and data services independent from the manufacturer, designed to prevent downtime, protect investments, ensure accountability, and provide convenience for our customers.

SIP Print remains the world’s first and only provider of fully SIP-compliant VoIP call recording systems for businesses of all sizes across all industries, and we constantly strive to expand our array of call recording solutions.

IP PRINT delivers award-winning call recording solutions for:


Record in-bound and out-bound phone calls for specific users, for training, quality assurance, customer satisfaction or legal compliance requirements.


Control telephone costs and ensure compliance with detailed reports on historical call recording usage, and plan for the future with forecasting. Depending on your needs, SIP Print offers three call recording products to
accommodate the call recording needs of virtually any business and industry sector. Drive growth and  operational efficiencies with our full suite of call recording solutions that deliver improved employee  productivity, business performance, quality call management, and regulatory compliance. SIP Print call
recording systems are designed for seamless interoperability with many of the world’s leading IP PBX and VoIP telephone systems.

Founded in 1995, Harbor Networks (formerly Boston Wireless) has continued to evolve over the past 15 years. Their core business of installing and maintaining business communications products has remained consistent. The products, expertise of their staff, and scope of customers has grown and changed every year.

They remain committed to constantly evaluating their product line, providing reliable leading edge solutions, and supporting all of their customers as partners in their success for the years ahead.

They design, sell, and maintain both IP and Digital Communications Systems focusing on the ShoreTel platform. They also design and order Network Solutions as well as design, sell, and maintain leading edge Communications Products.