Why Be a VXSuite Partner

VXSuite’s revolutionary cloud-based communication analytics software enables business model transformation for regional and national value-added-resellers.

VXSuite is a software platform that provides tools to improve any company’s UC experience. Our easy-to-use software lets you begin or enhance your Managed Service offering.

VXSuite integrates with any communications ecosystem to deliver meaningful information to managers. Our cloud solution includes a small micro-appliance that runs on the network and gathers call detail information and network information to display in VXSuite.

It’s an easy plug-and-play device that has a low entry price-point.

It gives you the ability to sell, deliver, manage and invoice your customers for services like hosted:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Call Accounting
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile phone analytics
  • and more, all under your brand!

We empower the fastest and most affordable go-to-market ramp up so you can quickly begin offering your customers the data and communications services they are demanding.

And because we know the importance of a reputable brand relationship, we enable you to “white label” our solution under your brand.

You’ve worked hard to build a solid customer base, or maybe you’re in the process of doing so right now, and you deserve to build value in your brand.

This is so much more than an ‘agent’ or ‘reseller’ offering; this is your business, transformed and powered by VXSuite.

Plus, we help you market the solution to your base. We will help you with the message and mechanics. You give us your list, we design, write and implement the campaign and deliver click through and call down lists back to your sales team. The emails come from your reps at your domain – and all replies go back to you.

You set your pricing. You sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for your services. You operate under your own brand. Our focus is supporting your business and helping you to exceed your customers’ needs.

  1. Offer a reliable leading-technology solution – proven by your peers and hundreds of their of customers.
  2. No up-front investment – ok, we ask for a $750 PO, but that gets you a not-for-resale copy of the VXSuite software to install in your environment. You can’t talk the talk, if you don’t walk the walk, right.
  3. Our commitment to your success drives every aspect of our company. We know you and your customers are the reason we are in business. We will do everything in our power to keep that trust and make you shine!
  4. Get up and running quickly. Complement your existing offerings with immediate access to our capability, expertise, and technologies.
  5. Improve existing customer relationships by providing analytics to your end users. We find if you put the right information in the hands of the right people, they make better decisions. Help your customers make better decisions by providing these analytics.
  6. Realize new annuity revenue streams. Our approach to service delivery means that clients are in it for the long-haul.
  7. Reduce sales cycles. Because the VXSuite modules can be sold as a cloud-based solution your customers can be up and running quickly.
  1. Quickly and cost effectively add reporting for any phone system. VXSuite doesn’t discriminate – we work with dinosaur TDM systems and the latest IP systems – including Microsoft Lync.
  2. Offer reliable, high quality products and services your customers need.
  3. Build your brand and customer relationships with white-labeled products and services.
  4. Keep competition out of your customer base by being a resource for everything they need.

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