A Customizable View of the Critical Data from VXSuite

VXDash is a web-based graphical interface that provides the ability to create views of information being collected that make the most sense to their business and/or operational needs. This information can come from any of the VXSuite modules.

Users can layer graphical and tabular data views on a single screen, create wallboard type views with auto-refresh for their internal use or to provide to their end users. Export capabilities will allow a user to retrieve the data behind these operational views or to export the graphical content for delivery via CSV, PDF, Word or Excel formats.

Dashboard creation within VXDash is performed through a more intuitive interface than writing SQL queries. This will allow companies to have analyst level positions create dashboards rather than development resources. Once a dashboard is created, standard users will also have the ability to sort and or filter data if they want to drill-down to a subset of the initial data scope.

  • Works on all phone systems and excels in a hybrid environment
  • Display multiple “Why” and “What If” scenarios
  • Provide a unified view of trunk-group traffic, traffic capacity and peak traffic analysis while combining that data with call quality metrics.

Unlimited Display Possibilities

Drill into data to determine the routes or users that are experiencing the most issues.

Determining overall Delay, Jitter and MOS is the standard for evaluating call quality. But using the variance report shows where the peaks and valleys are with regard to voice quality.

Executives can monitor the success of a new Lync implementation after it has been introduced into the organization. See how it is being adopted by creating a dashboard with top voice, video or IM users can display usage – or lack thereof.


  • Layer graphical and tabular data views on a single screen.
  • Create wallboard-type views with auto-refresh for internal use or to provide to end-users.
  • Analyze and reconcile call pattern exceptions (such as off-hour calling and international calls).
  • Sort and/or filter data to drill down to a subset of the initial data scope.

Users love VXDash for:

  • Hybrid customer support
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Private label ready
  • Entire UC Ecosystem monitoring – supports hybrid customers
  • Inside and out monitoring (LAN – circuit)