Monitor and Report on . . .

  • VoIP Implementation
  • PBX Status
  • Network Devices
  • User End Points
  • Quality of Service

. . . Across your Unified Communications Network

Whatever goods or services your company provides, your business relies on how well you communicate with your customers or clients through your voice and data network. Lose any part of your communication capability and your business suffers.

Many businesses started with a basic phone system, added computers and servers, and now are combining those into some type of a hybrid unified communications system—we call it a Communications Ecosystem. This Communications Ecosystem usually consists of hardware and software from a variety of vendors and service providers, which must integrate seamlessly.

VXPulse Brochure

VXPulse Brochure

Imagine a day when this Communications Ecosystem isn’t functioning properly—your computer network is down or phones are not working—a Quality of Service (QoS) issue.

Or worse still, your salespeople are giving a web presentation and the quality of the video is below standard—a Quality of Experience (QoE) issue. Effectively monitoring QoS and QoE is crucial to your company’s day-to-day operations, as well as your corporate reputation.

However, having an accurate, holistic view of your voice and data network can be time consuming for your staff.

VXPulse can monitor all or part of your unified communications ecosystem, and assist you in providing the quality of service and quality of experience both your employees and customers expect.

  • Monitors PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network
  • Continually tests and tracks the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience
  • Monitors call quality and server performance
  • Supports all network devices, even from multiple suppliers
  • Provides support staff with a complete view of your hybrid unified communications ecosystem and provides a unified remote access solution
  • Provides for the backup of network device configuration with verification reports
  • Supports small business voice and data networks as well as large enterprises with multiple locations
  • Reduces costs with automated monitoring and notification, thus minimizing business disruption