Need Help with a Telecom or Unified Communications Project?

VXSWAT employs experts with certifications in all types of technology who are available for you to use as part of your current or planned project.

The Right People

Seasoned IT experts that understand legacy PBX systems, VoIP complexities, and how these components work together in a typical UC environment are rare. LVM, Inc. finds, trains, and deploys the best UC Architects, Engineers, and Developers in the world.

  • Expertise in Microsoft Lync, ShoreTel, Tadiran, Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, TDM, Exchange, Office 365, and the VXSuite tools
  • Architects to design your UC project
  • Engineers to work alongside your UC team
  • Complete turnkey implementation from idea phase to final deployment

The Right Tools

VXSuite’s tools help you understand your entire communications ecosystem, optimize the performance of the components that affect the user experience, and deliver the promise of true UC. Our technology-agnostic service delivery platform ensures success in each phase of a UC project: Pre-Deployment Readiness Assessment, Deployment, and Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring.

Pre-Deployment Readiness Assessment – Successful VoIP implementations require a pre-deployment network assessment. VXSuite analyzes your entire Unified Communications ecosystem through the lens of expected voice quality.

  • Analysis of current actual call volume data and trunk utilization
  • Calculation of minimum, maximum, and average bandwidth requirements for the new IP system
  • VoIP and Video test calls test if the bandwidth and network equipment is ready to handle the expected VoIP traffic
  • Test calls are analyzed for Delay, Jitter, and Packet Loss and an overall MOS Score is calculated
  • Analysis to ensure the network is sized and configured correctly for VoIP

Deployment – VXSuite is used in the deployment phase to continue to monitor call quality and network issues as the new UC system is rolled out. VXSuite is PBX-agnostic and can gather data simultaneously across the heterogeneous environment of existing legacy PBX systems and the new VoIP system.

  • Understand the entire voice ecosystem system as it evolves during a roll-out
  • Seamlessly monitor, report, alert, and alarm on all the critical voice infrastructure
  • Ensure deployment success and a great user experience

Ongoing Support – VXSuite is used in ongoing support environments to ensure that voice quality is maintained and that UC problems are diagnosed and resolved quickly.

  • Threshold levels for Delay, Jitter, Loss, MOS, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, etc. can be set
  • Helps IT/Help Desk staff be proactive in solving call-quality degradation issues
  • Automated alerts and alarms are generated when customer-defined metrics fall below acceptable levels.
  • Automated reporting to keep all the UC stakeholders informed about the health of the voice ecosystem