It started as a call accounting system. Customers needed the ability to accurately and fairly charge back telecom calls and other related expenses to groups within their organization. VXTracker does that – really well. But it can do much more.

Security/Compliance Tracking

Security and compliance are big issues for today’s businesses. But it’s not always clear where you should start. The IT team has secured the network, but what about the phone system? Are you regularly checking for exception calls such as off-hour calling and international calls? Do you have the ability to set and receive real-time email and text messages when a security or toll-fraud event occurs?

Optimize Performance

Busy signals are not good. Companies spend a lot of money making sure their customers don’t get them. But at what cost? T1s are expensive and if you have an extra one or two – or more – you are wasting money.

VXTracker captures Call Detail Records (CDR)/Station Message Detail Records (SMDR) from each of your phone systems and constantly monitors thresholds to make sure you know before problems occur. It’s a call accounting system that also stores data – for as long as you’d like – allowing you to look back over the past few months, or compare current data to the same period a year ago, and see how occupied your trunks were/are.

Plan for the Next Big Thing

So you are thinking of making the leap to VoIP but don’t know where to start? You know how many employees you have and (maybe) how many calls are made in a given period, but how does that translate to bandwidth utilization? VXTracker provides you with detailed reporting on your actual usage. This information can be used to accurately calculate the bandwidth necessary to deliver your desired Quality of Service at peak usage.

And VXTracker doesn’t discriminate – we’ll connect to legacy TDM phone systems or the latest IP systems. Plus we can connect to multiple disparate systems and normalize all the data in the VXTracker call accounting system for easy viewing.


Mobile is taking over as a dominant means of communication and users’ expectations are growing with respect to how they will utilize mobility to help them do their jobs. Have you defined your company strategy for mobile usage? Do you issue corporate owned devices or let users BYOD (bring your own device)? VXSuite can help whatever your mobile strategy.

VXMobile allows you to add the call detail records from your cellular provider(s) for corporate owned devices to your VXTracker for complete usage reporting for each user. See what percentage of calls users make on their cell phones versus desk phones and see who they’re calling – and if their calls are being retuned.

Live Voice Manager Brochure

Live Voice Manager Brochure

VXTracker Live Voice Management provides comprehensive reporting and management of all aspects of your communication systems.

VXTracker Brochure

VXTracker 2 page Call Accounting Brochure

VXTracker is a simple way to immediately track and report on billable time without having to deal with the inconvenience and delays associated with submitting time sheets.

Every Business Needs

Every Business Needs a Call Accounting System

Telecommunications costs make up one of the largest monthly expenses for any organization and typicallyhave the least amount of control.