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VXSuite sets the standard for Live Voice Management of all your customer’s unified communications.

Shoretel Reporting & Monitoring

Shoretel Reporting & Monitoring

VXSuite has a complete answer for your ShoreTel reporting needs. As ShoreTel users ourselves, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools to help you get the most out of your ShoreTel.

VXTracker ACD_Shoretel

The VXTracker ACD Module utilizes ShoreTel ACD and SMDR data, allowing a supervisor to see all call details.


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VXMobile allows you to add the call detail records from your cellular provider(s) for corporate owned devices to your VXTracker for complete usage reporting for each user.

VXPulse Brochure

The VXPulse™ support platform is a comprehensive voice quality monitoring management suite purposely designed to remove risk and IT workload when operating Unified Communications.

VXPulse Pricing

VXPulse is a cloud-based software application that monitors all or any part of your UC system


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VXSwat Lync Team Brochure

Seasoned Lync experts that understand legacy PBX systems, VoIP complexities, and how these components work together in a typical UC environment are rare.

VXRecord Brochure

VXRecord is a call recording application for IP phone systems for small to medium-sized businesses.


This document provides an overview of the requirements and preparatory steps for implementing VXRecord.

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VX Live Voice Mgr

VXTracker Live Voice Management provides comprehensive reporting and management of all aspects of your communication systems.

VXTracker 2 page Call Accounting Brochure

VXTracker is a simple way to immediately track and report on billable time without having to deal with the inconvenience and delays associated with submitting time sheets.

VXTracker Report List

Telecommunications costs make up one of the largest monthly expenses for any organization and typicallyhave the least amount of control.

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 VXSuite 3 Modules

The VXSuite sets the standard for Live Voice Management of all your unified communications.

 VXSuite 4 Modules

Live Voice Management is the practice of viewing and managing the entire communications ecosystem with a focus
on end-user service availability.

VX Support Flyer

VXTracker is not off-the-shelf software. Your system is configured specifically for you and your organization and is site-specific.

VXSuite Managed Services

VXSuite software enables technology by delivering the right information to the right individual so they can make
the right choice.