VXSuite enhances the Avaya experience with a toolkit for IT, Sales, Finance and more.

Sales toolkit includes:

  • Time of Day reports for staffing and trending
  • Productivity Reports by Salesperson, team, department, and more.
  • Mapped Number reports to see if you’re calling your best customers

IT Toolkit includes:

  • Remote monitoring of PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network
  • Continual testing and tracking the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience
  • Call quality and server performance monitoring
  • Support of all network devices, even from multiple suppliers

IT managers can use VXPulse to monitor all or part of the unified communications ecosystem and deliver top-notch quality of service and an optimum quality of experience for both your employees and customers.

Finance Toolkit includes:

  • Spend Analysis by department, division, user, etc.
  • Allocation of an invoice by department, division, user, etc.
  • Reports of most expensive, most frequent and

Security toolkit includes:

  • Tracking of all call records including inbound, outbound and internal (if available)
  • Easy search engine to pull call records by phone number, extension or user.
  • 911 reports to mitigate misdialed calls to 911 – CDR is available after the call is completed
  • IP enabled CS1000 customers can use VXPulse to quickly alert on snmp traps of 911 calls – get the info before the call is completed

Today’s security officers rely on VXSuite´s reporting for 911 calls, international calls and the ability to trace harassment or threatening calls.

VXTracker adds comprehensive call accounting, performance monitoring and security/compliance reporting on all phone systems. Hundreds of companies with Avaya phone systems use VXTracker for call accounting, chargeback and trunk/traffic reporting.

VXMobile adds web-based reporting on your employees’ cellular voice and text usage. And VXRecord brings extension-level VoIP call recording to complete the customer support experience.

VXRecord will records calls on SIP based trunks. Plus, you can combine the powerful call recording features of VXRecord with the analytic reports in VXTracker for an integrated big-picture experience. Click to play within the VXTracker application and hear the actual calls.