Microsoft Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business provides a new connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible from anywhere.

With that new connectivity is a desire to be able to report on user activity, record calls and deliver the best quality of experience possible for the end user.

VXSuite contains multiple modules to:

  • Remotely monitor the Skype for Business Server, other PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network to ensure high Quality of Experience.
  • Actively monitor calling activity by your employees to guard against misuse.
  • Reduce costs with automated monitoring and notification, thus minimizing business disruption.
  • Leverage the information on how your employees communicate to improve business processes and run more efficiently.
  • Continually test and track the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience.

VXSuite Microsoft Skype for Business Monitoring – Stay in touch anywhere

Skype for Business enables users to communicate securely anywhere they have network connectivity, and automatically adapts to network conditions. VXTracker allows companies to gather call detail records from both the Skype for Business server as well as from wireless carriers for complete call reporting from all extensions.

Use the device you want

Skype for Business makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones. The new immersive Microsoft Skype for Business app for Windows 8 and Windows RT provides a seamless touch-first experience. Since everything runs through the Skype for Business server, all call records are pushed back to the VXTracker for seamless reporting.

For calls and text messages that come directly through the user’s cell phone (not through the Skype for Business client), VXMobile adds the call records directly from the wireless carrier for complete reporting. This is great for users who spend time both in the office and on the road and communicate both on the Skype for Business client and outside of it. These call records and SMS records can be downloaded from the carrier’s web site for complete call activity on all users.

Take advantage of standards-based HD video

Skype for Business uses open standards including H.264 SVC to provide a high-quality video experience on a wide range of devices.

The bandwidth required to deliver this high-quality video can be taxing on your network.

The VXPulse support platform is a comprehensive management suite purposely designed to remove risk and IT workload when operating MS Skype for Business Unified Communications across complex, multi-vendor environments.

VXPulse can uniquely correlate and unify these disparate data sets enabling its users to handle issues regardless of where they may occur.

Delivering flawless end-user quality is the goal of any IT group.

What many groups find is that delivering this quality is becoming increasingly more difficult as they need to have performance and health data on all of the varied layers involved. As the deployments scale up, and as Data and Voice Groups are converging, management functions may still be performed by different groups with different toolsets. A quality issue for a given endpoint could ultimately be caused by a PC issue, a data network issue, a voice routing issue, or a Windows server/Skype for Business related problem. Finger-pointing, both internally and among the vendors involved, can often happen when it comes to tracking down problems with a Unified Communications system as no single group has a holistic view of the Communications Ecosystem.

VXPulse is designed to enable multiple teams to have the real-time visibility, controls and analytics to make sure problems are proactively identified in a system where relevant information is easy to correlate and communicate between the different departments. Extend Skype for Business Meetings outside your organization with browser-based access: The Skype for Business Web App allows PC and Mac users to join a Skype for Business Meeting from a browser and delivers a full online meeting experience including IM, voice, multiparty video, data collaboration and sharing. Provide your users the best quality of service possible by using the VXPulse application to monitor and manage the network that Skype for Business runs on.

Control & Visibility with Microsoft Skype for Business Reports

Many IT groups are now deploying a UC Change Control process using VXPulse in order to have unified visibility regardless of where a problem may occur. VXPulse can detect the problems whether or not the problem happens on the endpoint, the network, the cloud or the servers themselves. This end-to-end visibility is performed by gathering the respective data and correlating it into one centralized interface.

VXSuite provides Skype for Business users with holistic view of the communication ecosystem and identifies opportunities to improve quality of service, productivity and reduce costs. Because VXPulse continually monitors all devices and allows administrators to set thresholds using pre-designed templates you’ll know about issues before they get out of hand. With VXTracker reporting on user activity has never been easier. Set notifications in VXTracker and be alerted to troublesome call activity – 911 calls, international calls, calls to 411, and more. Plus, allow department managers to log in and run reports for their department.

We are so confident in our software that all modules come with UNLIMITED training, support as well as updates and upgrades to the latest software version while under support. Plus, all VXSuite support technicians are located in the continental USA.