VXSuite has a complete answer for your ShoreTel reporting needs. As ShoreTel users ourselves, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools to help you get the most out of your ShoreTel.

ShoreTel Workgroup’s is an attractive entry-level call center that is designed for informal groups looking to become more efficient in their operations.

Tightly integrated with the ShoreTel phone system, workgroups provide a simple call center to customers at an extremely low total cost of ownership.

The VXTracker ShoreTel Workgroup Reporting Module provides managers of ShoreTel Workgroup call centers the historical and near real-time information necessary to understand and analyze their customers’ experience when calling into their organization. It’s an easy-to-use web-based application that can be accessed from any device. It’s permission-based so your users only have access to the information you want them to see.

Complete ShoreTel Call Reporting

VXTracker utilizes ShoreTel ACD and SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting) also known as CDR (Call Detail Reporting) data, allowing a supervisor to see all call details. Supervisors can see non-ACD incoming and outgoing call details for all agents in their call center alongside their ACD traffic.

This unique merging of data empowers customers to see beyond standard ACD statistics and provides detailed information on a per-call basis, such as City/State, Duration, DNIS and Caller ID/ANI.

VXSuite helps customers with a ShoreTel phone system improve customer service by delivering meaningful information to managers.

We deliver analytics like number of calls answered, hold time in a queue, work time, wait time and more.

Mobility for ShoreTel Reporting

VXMobile adds the call records for cell phones for your users. This is great for users who spend time both in the office and on the road. These calls can be downloaded from the carrier’s web site for complete call activity on all users.

Recording for Quality Purposes

VXRecord for ShoreTel is a web-based application that allows organizations with as few as 5 users record calls for everyone or just a few users. We can even denote extensions for a specific user like a CEO or an ethics line, which should never be recorded. Use this new visibility to coach users to deliver the customer experience you require.

We can record calls and play them back for quality purposes – both for quality of service (did the call sound good) and quality of agent performance (did the agent do a good job making the customer happy?). You can score an agent, email the recording and make notes on a call for a review. All from a web-based interface.

Network Monitoring

When a technician gets a call from an end-user about call quality issues, where do they start?

  • Well first log in and listen to the call. When you can understand what the user is hearing, it will help in diagnosing issues.
  • Then, look at the MOS reports for that location and see if there are any alarms on network devices.

The best part is you can use our CONNECT ME feature to log into the device to correct issues or restore from a backup.

Overall we offer customers with a ShoreTel phone system complete analytics for their communication ecosystem.